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Ad Formats

Banners (728x90, 300x250, 160x600, 120x600 and others)

Classic advertising format.

Daily accessible volume: 200 million impressions a day.

Main geos: US,CA, GB, DE, IN, BR, PK, RO, NL, ES, PK, TR, ID, JP, FR, SA.

Average CTR: 2%. Convertion Rate from 1000 impressions: 0.38%. CPM highest rates are reached within the following advertiser categories: Online Games, Download Software, Social Networks, Music Software, Dating, Forex and Gambling.

Onclick ads

Full page ads that may be implemented anywhere on the page are initiated by the user. You do not need to use a high click through creatives, because the user is referred directly to the proposal. A user contact equals to extremely low price.

Available daily format: 30 million impressions.

Main geos: US, GB, BR, IN, ES, DE, MX, CA, ID, FR, IT, AR, JP, PL, CL, RU, NL, AU, etc.

80% campaigns are available for purchasing at fixed and stable CPM rates, but CPA mode is an option too. An average convertion rate from 1000 impressions: 2.4%. CPM highest rates are reached within the following advertiser categories: Video Sites, Dating, Gambling, Download Software, Online Games, Ad Videos.

In-banner video (pre-game, pre-rolls, post-rolls, mid-rolls)

We offer a 10-30 sec ad video running before the content video or the flash game loads.

Volume available a day: 5 million impressions

Main geos: US, CA, FR, GB, UA, DE, RU.

Average CTR: 4% (1-2% for in-banner video). Perfect solutions are found for brands looking for the target audience. This ad type has been using by the following brands: Microsoft, Google, Mars, Procter&Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser.

There are available Sponsored Links, Sliders and other ad formats.

We are applying all suitable ways of software promotion on the sites dedicated to any downloads. We have an opportunity to generate 200 k of new installs daily due to our inventory from all possible countries and exceptional performing optimization system.

Types of ad campaigns:


PPI, CPA, and CPL are our most famous advertising modes. We understand pretty well that every our customer expects to get great and visible results from his/her advertising campaign. So, we consider these types of ad campaigns are the most convenient and gainful for our clients. We have a technical team of highly skilled employees who are indeed dealing very professionally with conversion tracking set up. Our up-dated optimization system runs the tests for all CPA campaigns and finds out only the best performances. Every advertiser is provided with a real time statistics reporting to control the campaign performance and optimize it by filtering the sources. /step single step single


CPM fits perfect for any advertising agency and ad network. Our inventory is on sale by fixed and stable CPM rates. Thus, any kinds of targeting and effectiveness control that eliminate the poor performing traffic sources are able to be set up for all our customers.

Revshare is an option after running a test by flat CPM too. We are open to long-term cooperation with advertising networks on fixed revshare.

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